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haizz.. 2dae veri sian arh!!!
evry FRIDAY lyke dis.. y?? arh..
y?? izit coz uf fate??
i dun tink so.. hayoo.
d yr 2 cadets lyke wat sia..
expecting more punishment..
at last. 2 b frank. honestly.
im lazii 2 join d yr 2 cadet.
coz d command keep on repeatin'.
n its BORING!!!
looks lyke d yr 1s gonna take over yr 2s.
malu leh..
dat FUCKIN' cadet.
seems lyke i lyke wanna give dem a SLAP on their face sia.
they hab no POTENTIAL in doin' it.
n dey wan us 2 SUFFER juz bcoz uf dem...


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