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Greetings to you! I never thought I would grew up liking about blogging. I started to develop interest on writing online back then when I was as young as 13 years old. I wasn't sure of what or how do I address myself as everyone had their unique identity online, and so I decided to named myself "Queentisha". A name that has brought me so much fond memories throughout my early teen life. For I've always been expressing myself through online, with every experiences, moments and advices I shared here, know that its all based on my true life event. 

As time passes, I believed you grew up with many experiences around you. I love to share parts of my life and this space has been like my secondary way of expressing and sharing. I hope by reading my space, it'll somehow gives you a tint of inspiration and motivation ahead. It's an open journal and I'd love to have you comeby often.

With love,

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