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dun judge me

im totali bored

no.no im nt seducing u guys. heehee

nottie tisha

hie. long tyme nva update liao.
bz la do revision fer de mid-yr exam.
aiyoo.sian ar...

jus nw go out.
vewie shook sia.
eat there. shopping.

go compass.
ang mo kio.

yea. bt 2dae i cannot go home so late sia.
must studie la fer de exam.
if de exam finish redi den can long2 tyme hang.

in de bus..
ahaks. im so vewie de nottie sia.
take double decker bus.
climb n sit on top n at de back uf de bus.
hayoo. luckily im nt known by ppl.
cn take pict sam more.

heyy. so im nw gotta go studie.


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