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im rili DAMN wf dis gerl.
shes lyke no brain.
all de tinks she hab tu ACCUSE me.
y uhh??
r u JEALOUS uf wd i hab dat u dun hab??
i noe wd de fcukin u mean okeh.
doesnt mean evrytink iam takin it.
tink twice if u wanna ACCUSE me.
dis is all bcoz uf ur fcukin brain understandin.
all u hab tu do jus wantin tu COVER ur shameness
ish tu ACCUSE me.
iam no more a KID okeh.
hab ur own FASHION n STYLE.
wd do u mean by iam snatchin ur happiness?!
u r wrong..
its bcoz u dont even bother tu entertain dem.
xpectin dem tu BE owaes wf eu.
if u HATRED me.
leave me all ALONE.
coz i dont wanna c de fcukin face uf eu.

*dis is FINAL.*
jus dun let ma BLOOD go up.
dat i display ur NAME in public.
i mean it wd i sae.
dun make a FOOL uf yaself.

u noe hu u r.


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