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tudae is lantern festival dae.
de dae whre ppl plae wf lantern.
we go celebrate @ amk blk 203.

i just came bck home frm skool.
tired menn. =^

1st we reach thre at bout 4.30pm lyke dat.
den dey gib food tuhh eat.
but i eat oredi lehh.
after i eat..
den de tcher gib instruction on wd tuhh do.
deyy chuse ferr us de partner..
aiiyooo. 1 malay 1 chinese in diff gender.

den horr.
after we bring de old ppl come dwn..
dat we r sepose tuhh do..
after dat we no work do liao.
alerrmak wan relax kena do werk sia.
gt dis parent support(uncle) called muie tuhh help.

but its a help on fixing de lantern.
fun ryte.
bt sad sad. all de lantern dat we RESERVE.
deyy just take n lite up.
walau..nice nice wan ehh.
go fly..

bt thre still gt sm..
take lorr.
after a moment..
wen im bz.
gt diss guy came by maie side.
help muie along de wae.

liteting up de lantern.
den he lite one uf de lantern.
n dat was de last one.
he gave it tuhh muie.
sooo shhwit...
i still kip de lantern.
nva 4get de moment.

den after celebration...
deyy all ask tuhh go on stage.
ennieone can go.
i go up.
haa. =)
take sm lantern n lites.

after dat go wait 4 bus.
inside de bus jus haf uf de class.
on de wae..we cheer tuhh reach de 1st in skool.
den go park plae wf candles..
haa. so desperate us.
muie.anisha.wei jie n daniel.
nelia n yu ting wan tuhh plae.
bt de place we chuse ishh DARK n SCARY.
den deyy dowan dey go home orr.
we continue plae.
bt in de n..
we nva c ntink.
just go home.

tankiu so much wei jie 4 sending muie home.
coz dat tyme im rili FREAK.


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