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tudae is sundae.
dis post shud biee verie long.
coz its an interesting dae.
n fun.=)
read horr.

its maie CCA de annual inspection dae.
so de hold zone went tuhh celebrate
at serangoon stadium evry yerr.
i reach thre at abt 4.30pm.
den wait dem tuhh start de parade.
waeey...so long derr.
i n jassmine eat,listen tuhh mp3 n talk2.
at last deyy started at 5.00pm.
we c lots uf cadets frm diff cal n zone.
standing at de field.
deuhh.sad sad.
deyy hab tuhh stand ferr an hr.
shocking.we counted n at abt 66 ppl fainted.
in de middle uf de parade.
congrets yarr tuhh those hu can tahan.
at abt 6.30 de parade n.
all de cadets marchin' out.
huhuu.. finally de parade n.

after de parade..
i;jassmine n aini plan tuhh go hg mall..
while we walkin at de bridge..
we miss de bus. aiyoyoo.
den.. wan tuhh wait ferr de bus...
haizzzz..its took us HALF AN HOUR.
bloody hell.so long.

we took double decker.
wd a coincidence.
we miit our junior.
hahaa. =D
we chat along de wae.
at abt half min..
i n aini change place.

we plan tuhh sit de veriee front.
xD shookk menn.
talk2 reach redi.

at hg mall.
thres a pasa mlm.
shoppin lerr. =)
after shoppin..
den i took my bus tuhh go home.
i reach home at abt 9.30pm.



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