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iiem heppi cos iie found sumone dhat iie want.
28o4o7. iie lerv dhis date.
iie noe hym since dhe dae he gave mwe hys num.
iie tot hys dhe same lyke all dhe guys iie noe.
his nice.
uf cos hansum.
but dhen..
after iie noe hym..
hys DAMN diff.
he gort evitink dhat iie want.
COOL+WEIRD is wad he ishh.
iie lerv hys concept.
iie tink.. wthout mwe noein hym..
iie dnt tink sou im hre ryte now.
iie lerv being euur fwen.
euuw r special tuhh mwe.
iie rili want euuw to BE maie PRINCE.
fereva iie wont eva liev euuw.
euuw promiis iie promiis.


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