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todae seems so tired.
i went to fuchun sec btw.
went to mit nico.
his class was dismissed late.
i saw amirah,asfidah&...urghh. i 4get her name.x]
so went frm dhe skool walk back to his hse.
quite far luhs.
bt im oke with it.
aft dhat met wth his bro.
dhe bro talk alot sia.

oke sow i went back hm.
aft chattin wf hym in msn.
i cried cos of smtg dhe cussn told me.
let me tell u.
ure not wasting ur tyme in sg.
yes. ure not.
cos thres smone near u dhat need u.
cos dhat person has fallen in love with u.
& she wants u in her lyfe.


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