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iiem back with bloggin.
well.. iiem rather bz nowadaes..
gort cmn test urh.
nidd studd.

just now was so so fun.
aft cmn test was readin.. then rcess..
then aites iie didnt noe my subj tcher nverr cum..
sow gort relief tcher.
fwe period urh until dismissal;1.45pm.(:

dhat period uf tyme iie was fcukin bored.
sooo iie decided to join maie fwens since they're playin game.
"true or dare".
haha. iie joined eyn.
dhat game was fun.
we onlii did dare onlii.
haha. no true kehh.!
soo whoever gort e bottle point to em,
they nid to kiss any uf them playin..
shit lurh.
iie gort kiss many times by maie fwens sehh.
&& iie oso gort kiss maie fwens too.

aft dismissal, we stayed back frr awhile.
still continue playin dhe same game.
dhen aft its done, iie went home.

owkeii. tmrw gort physics & maths cmn test.
urghh.. haven revise yett .
hopin to pass all subj. (:


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