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todae was damn tired.
fri, aft exam i went syafinah's hm..
slack..eat & watch tv..
thn she went to my hse..
cos i nid to take smtg..
smkynd lyke a document..
relax abit at my hse thn..
watch lilbit uf mvies..
was fun..
cos shes waiting fr her fwen to pass her their document..
went bck to skwl..
then watch mvies at her hse..

here it go..
when i came back hm..
as usual.. daffi was slacking at my hse..
his kinda lilbit fun dude..
love joking arnd..
so he was thre wf my bro..
thought i cud relax..
my family decided to go out fr shopping..
thts sounds great..
iiel never miss tht chance..
but then,
my bro didnt followed..
he stayed at hm w daffi..

went to courts megastore.
yeahh . again.! iie know.
shoppinggg..lalalalalla ~
aft tht mom request to shop at giant.
wth. i was tired.. but no choice..
so i have to follow her..
my bro called told me tht my aunt came.
she's staying overnite...
k done shoppping at giant.
aint telling th stories all..
cos nw im tired..
one more thing..
its idiot.
th cab.!
it was sooo longg ..
it took me fr almost an hour to wait.
isnt tht mad.??!
no no.. so i called th cab.
5mins ltr th cab arrives..

go hm..
saw my aunt..
& his son.. -th cute lilboy.
im hungry & cooked maggi.
eat ardd..
okay full..
thn watch mv..

so nw im blogging..
mayb fw hrs ltr wil b my bedtyme.
yeahh iie slp latenite nwae.
till here guys .


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