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hello all.
rayerr this yr was bored.
damn boringgggg.

well, tht friday went to my my baby.
& things turns out fine..
fr half-an hr i guess..
was teaching him to wear lenses..
its was rather funny in th ferst place..
but then..
nvmynd..dont wish to say..
maybe i'll bring my lenses along nxt tyme i meet him..
gotta show him hw to wear em & take out..
betta he watch & learn.
smtg went wrong aft tht..
but aftr all, we're okeh ardd..
but all i can say.
i can stand with him.
this is th real no matter what.
no fake.
yeah. imma be with him till my last breath.

to idiots, stop asking fr status.
im attached. i gt boyfriend.
dont go on waiting fr me.
its not worth it.
dont wait cos i wont break.
yea. i will nver.
cos he undrstands me so do i.
he's prfct fr me.
just find others kehhs.


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