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tht fri..
was sooo exhausted tht i gt no time fr blogging..
so here it goes..

so tht fri went to jam..
went to ptp w daffi & his mate, sebastian..
cos need wait fr fia & th bro, sufi..
but sad, kecyk nver come..
smtg happened..=x -oops!
but nvmynd..then, wait2 ardd..
like 30mins ltr..
they came..so, all go jam..
it was so funny cos sufi bring his friend..
but his friend actually knw me..
thru fs precisely..
but idk him..
i was like..'hw i knw..like tons of ppl knw me..'
but idk 'em..
& so..aft jam,
of cos we had fun..
its been sucha long time we nver go jam together..

aft jam, arnd 3.30pm i guess..
went to meet nico..
at his hse..
ahaks..watch HSM3..
bfore tht..thought of eating at kfc..
but nvmynd..
well, th movie kinda interesting actually..
with the music video..
1hr ltr, i went to tell him tht im hungry..
well, didnt knw he wud offer me sm food..
of cos i accpt..
frm morning haven eat yet..
he went to serve fr me spaghetti..
uww..soo sweettt..
if like tht everyday,
besttt...gt ppl serve fr me..
no need self-service..
& i ate 'em till thres no leftover..
oh yea, accpt fr sm..
gt tomato i guess..
& i didnt eat tht..
but then, th spaghetti, soo yummy..
aft eat all, slack2..
& of cos i had a splendid time w him..
of all actually..
then, like half an hr ltr..
aft tht,
he sent me to th bus-stop..

so tired tht i just slpt aft i came back hm..

& today..
we had our performance..
going well actually..
dammit..thought of nt going to perform..
but last2 we did..
but still, without th bass..
of cos i feel like incomplete..
cos i usually sing it w bass..
more betta..
th tune i mean..
& thanks kachyk fr coming..
w ur cussn & his gf & w ur friend too..
sowie cos idk their names..
we had our performance split..
cos we playing 2 tracks..
but at diff time..
aft we're done w all th songs,
jyeah, camwhoree...
take lotsa picsa..

so aft th performance, we had our dinner..
well, i supposed to enjoy my dinner w my band mates..
but then, since kachyk came frm distance,
so i appreciate tht & enjoyed my dinner w him..
oh yea, w my bro too..
& when kachyk meet farridon..
its kinda GAYY..
ewww..w 'tht language'
ya knw..hw those 'gay ppl conversate'..
kinda disgusting actually..
but nvmynd..

aft dinner, dunno which gerl..
also one of th performer..
came to me..& asked me smtg..
she asked me tht her friend,
which is a guy, wish to make friends w me..
i was like 'okeh2..so??'
she said tht she did praised me..
tht my vocal was quite nice..
well, i dnt even judge my voice honestly..
but thanks fr th compliment though..
so, had a nice chat w em..
fr 1/2 an hr i guess..
haahs..daffi, farridon, kachyk & me..
was thre chatting w em..

& aft tht,
daffi & farridon went off to arcade..
so i go w kachyk..
and we slacked2..
really had a gr8 time w him..
kinda humourous..
oh yea,
thanks fr accompanying my go mcd & all..
app it much..
soooo much..

heres th shot of th day..
all was unedited..
xcept fr some..

fia & mehh...soo funkyy.! ahaks.

okeh. no comment.

i love thiss...

fia & tisha

my album cover wannabe..

yea, my 2nd photoshot w him..
this was th firstshot.. & myra said this one sweet. {wdeva}


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