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went to jurong swimming complex with myra..
my bf invite..
went thre was kinda late..
arnd 4 liddat reach..
w8 fr myra, = i missed 3trains..
dangs her.
talk2 in th train..crap talking urh..
camwhore when we otw..
laughing like mad woman..
all over th place..
dunno laugh fr what..

then, when otw to th place,
i called my bf..
so he went to fetch us at th entrance..
as fr myra..i guess she felt awkward..
cos she first time come with me..
then gt my bf family all..
ahaks. guess thts kinda weird fr her..
to me, i had a gr8 time thre..
but to her, idk. =x

we then went off at 4.45..
my bf sent bck to th entrance..
then, camwhore awhile..
aft tht, take train w myra & my other bestie..
camwhore again in th train..
talk shit. crap alls..haha..
then i came bck hm at 6.10 liddat..

well, myra, thanks fr th photoshots.

taken by me.

taken by myra. <3 {/thanks}

taken by myra.

this one also..

this one i took myslf uh..haha

by myra's request. so i took 'em.. candid!

myra took this.

i love this. taken by mehh.

myra, myra.. love candid ppl huhs?? xD

same she took also..

this one i took..face sux!

myra took again..

same..myra's 'photography'..

random shot taken by myra.

haha..taken by myra.

random shot taken by meh..

inside train otw to chinese garden..myra took this.

she asked me to pose, so i did. haa

obviously its lame cos we gt ntg do..

no comment. myra took this.

blurr picture myra like..ahah
this one nt blur, i like.

while w8-ing fr train..

ahaks. lamee uh tisha.
take picture like nobody's business.


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