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today i went to meet bf.
was abt to w8 him at his skwl..
but i was kinda late..
so didnt drop thre..
instead, he asked me go his hse & w8 fr him.

i eat;i sleep.
while w8-ing fr him to come,
i just relax at his rm..
when he came bck,
i then ate.
mins ltr, his friends came.
just to watch movies.
& they went hm when i aslp.
aft i ate, i sleep fr 2hrs..
hoho. bessstt~
with him, ntg is nt best..
always enjoyed my time thre.

and sadly,
he went to skwl w his sick condition..
he have to go, so no opt.
and, he was having hiiigghhh fever.
and flu and cough.
hoping he'll get well soon~

and and and,
im using my line bck.
so yay!!
can otp w him..
dnt need use ppd nmore.

PS: ask me personally fr my num.


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