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hey all!
ystrday was my bdae..
i had lotsa fun..
but sadly,
hmm, smtg makes me dwn..
i wont state whad makes me dwn..
its so damn wtfreak.

alright, got msges frm friends..
wishing me happy birthday..
thanks to gary whom cheer me up, always!
& yea, i've fulfilled ur wish too aye! haha
yes, i've perm my hair ends..
& i like it though..
aft went fr my salon appointment,
went out with family..
except fr mom..
she stayed at home to prepare fr celebration..

bought new hp.
jyeah! i like it!
with 2gb mmc..wow!!
aft tht,
went home, celebrate my bdae.
had a tiring day though.

and today,
went to skwl, haha.
got teased by some of th dudes..
ahaks. new hairstyle haha.. XD
then, got a bdae present frm faed..
still got more to receive..
peeps, i might be updating this blog..
but just tht im doing busy..

bfore i frgt, tht friday, went out to town..
with my bro, th gf & their friends..
i gt some pictures..
will upload it when im fwe aye.



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