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ah, ystrday night, hazri called me..
woooh!! getta otp with him again!
yes yes yes!
hmm, meet soon baybeh!

& im gonna meet my myra darling soon..

im started to write poetries already..
here's the poetries i've wrote..


You don't love me,
You do care about me.
So why do you say you do?

Your trying to get me to do
something that goes aganist
what I vowed myself never to do.

It feels like you want to be with other girls,
even though you say you want to be with me.

Am I enough for you?
On second thought,
I never will be.
So just leave me alone.
I'm never enough for you,
and I never will be.
So stop pretending I am.
Cos i'll never be enough for you dammit!

Fragile Frightened
And wounded
That’s what you’ve made me

My heart made of glass
When you left
It shattered instantly

The little fragments that are left
I gather tenderly
I have nothing to put them back together with
And this glass heart does not heal easily.

I will never be whole again
For you took my last shard of hope with you
And that lead to my loves end
I turn to dust for you are no longer beside me to defend

You said you loved me
I guess you lied
This traumatized glass heart is making me cry

I did try to make you happy
But I guess you weren’t satisfied
With what my fragile heart could provide

My little glass heart is crushed into dust
Your love was once its only must.
So much for our binding trust.

With my last pained breathes
I whisper your name
Like the howl of a wolf
It’s echoing and eerily strained

My hearts Shimmering shreds won’t last long
Without your love all hope is gone.
I can’t believe are love was once so strong…
I thought with me is where you belong.
Guess I was wrong.

For now my little glass heart and all its love is gone..


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