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hello all! today has been a tiring day actually.
though theres no sch on friday, still, went out with zen.
ystrday, thursday no sch, class was canceled. tcher busy.
even though no class, still i haveta come sch to complete proj.
end around 4+, then waited for zen. and after tht went to geylang.
break fast at kfc. wooh! omw walking arnd th geylang, met old sch mates.
hmm, didnt browse things, no time. sigh. took bus went home.
but today like finally got time to browse things. haha
first went to zen hse, slacked awhile, went off arnd 4 like tht.
took bus to esp, fr fun, went esp awhile, then took bus again, dwn to Bugis.
went accompany zen buy stuffs. did shopping abit. its not worth going Bugis if nver have to atleast buy smtg. hahs
anyway zen, hope you like my choice (: hee ; i know you do. wahahaha you look hot in those baybeh! ;D
after he bought his stuffs, i went to buy mine, jyeah! new headband! woooh! i loike it! hahas
then, took bus to geylang. my bro was at th Bugis. stup me, didnt ans th call. ahaks.
end up, i & zen met him at geylang.
break fast together at Banquet. yeap. went it, and th seats was like, full =_=
so went to wait wait wait, aaaand, finally, owned tht seats. get everythings done.
after break fast, went to roam arnd th bazaar geylang. look out fr clothes.
and tmrw im going there again, with mom =_=
thanks fr sending me home zen, like always. everyday - weekend = weekdays haha
im tired ; and sleepy. Zz_zZ


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