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My Advised and Notes frm myself to whoeva that wants / needs love treatment.

go hospital fr love appointment so you can stay on bed for up to a mth depends on how bad your love sick is.

engrave the shape heart on anywhere you feel like it so you rmbr the person that you gave love to.

if can, write 1001 words about what is love. just incase if ure still young to understand.

got love qns, ask me.

dont feel lonely. it'll hurt you. suggestion, talk to me.

S-A-D tht im not yours and you're not mine. F U C K it.

those are meant for love sick people. stare your favourite word until you fall asleep.

EL-OH-VI-E, i love you ; you love me. i know.

special attention or reminder. purchase love capsule if ure mad or crazy about someone.
i'll be your love doctor and your plaster for your life.


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