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woa, ystrday, was really damn tired. cos, first, class end late. around 6+. and th next thing, im supposed to be there at 5pm. but nvm. so, after dismissal, changed & off for practice. when i reached there, seems like im waaay too far so hard to keep up. but thanks to taazmin for guiding me throughout. its like rushing already. no time for touch up th moves. tmrw is th last day of practice. gotta get everything perfect. cos saturday is th rehearsal. sigh~

practice ends @ 8pm, zen fetched me & went to slack for a while. we talked & out of blue, when i told about my class ends at 6, he then reminds me of th excuse letter that i had. i was like, damn, i forgot about tht. it totally slipped off my mind. he should have remind me earlier. uurggh. now like i think, im hoping that i can keep up with th steps.

if only i have th power to just transfer th moves to myself. so thats its easier for me, no practice. haha. okay, thats crap & im crapping. im sleepy now. im off to sleep.

tmrw still got practice, and, phase test. wish me lucks.
takecares. chalooos~


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