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fun day i had today.. went out to two kinds of place. :D

thanks to zen for fetching me frm hommie arena, even though its raining heavily outside. sorry to made u run errand. hehs. and then, went to his house. slacked & in th afternoon, went to hougang point. big apology to daffi, jannah & my bro for making yall wait for us. bought food from kfc. aft tht, took bus off to sengkang int and bus again to vivo. woo!~ coolio. ahuh, then, took bus down to Labrador Park. by th time we reached, its almost 7pm. lucky enough tht we managed to go that place bfore late evening. took pictures. it was a last minute planned, for us to go Pasir Ris Park. but its alright, after Labrador, we took bus back to habourfront & train to pasir ris.

reached there around 840pm i guess.. went to meet jannah's friends at pasir ris town park then together went to mangrove. well, how freaky it can be, we just went to tht park just ystrday. i will not write what happened ystrday for some convinience. but then, seriously, ystrday was just damn really wth. hmm, today, again, went to th same place. in th middle of th time when we're at pasir ris park just now, its hard to explain. but what i can just say, easy say than done. some ppl may have different thinking/feeling. so i only afford to say, th moments for us being there was pretty safe. lucky zen went told me to pull us out from going inside th mangrove swamp. jannah's friends, meaning to say, she tagged along her brother to come along, and 6 of other her brother's friends came along. so just them went in th mangrove swamp. me, zen, my brother, daffi & jannah didnt go in. for some safety reasons. but end up, we're safe in th end. went out of th place around 10pm after we all knew theres just something fishy around our area..

sorry to taufiq & your 6 other friends for leaving you guys behind. even so, lucky yall are in safe condition aft yall went out. other than tht, we're all fine. just me & 4 of us, which is daffi, his gf(jannah) & my bro went off home by cab. thanks guys for sending me & my brother home.

a note to jannah, hope you're fine & safe home.


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