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yesterday, went to slack with ashraf & zul. & one more, his company, but i forgot his name. all th way till evening. and he accompanied me to meet zen in th night.

just now, in th afternoon, met zen. took lappy from him. thanks for th BK dearie! :D loving it! hehs. planned to meet fahmi. so, at first, i actually went to take bus frm Bugis. but bcos of th bus was damn lagging, i stopped around marine parade area & took cab. end up, frm 4pm, i reached at 5pm.. sorry to keep you waiting fahmi! oh yes, and Nazli. nice knowing you anyway. yall rockx! hehs. alright. then, slacked off at th entrance for few minutes, then went to Downtown Mcd. killed time together till evening. then we took bus off to Sengkang. then took train to Dhoby. accompanied nazli to his workplace, he has meeting there. on our way, in th train, we all like wth. haha. i was surprised to know they love cam-whoring so much too! coolio!~ i just realised Ps has this restaurant called, "Secret Recipe". haha. kinda curious in th first place. cos i didnt heard of it bfore. once reached Ps. while waiting for nazli for meeting, i & fahmi went to walk around on th same level. haha. bdw, thanks for helping me to carry th lappy. hehs. told zen to meet me @ ps since im there with fahmi. i think around 8pm++, zen reached. they had their own intro & all, and make our way out together with fahmi. sorry nazli to leave u behind. then u still on with th meeting. so we make our way first. nice hanging out with you. cya again somedays! :D fahmi, you're sucha coolio friend! i loooike it! haha.

went separate ways, left me & zen. we took bus then off to have fine dining with zen @ Pizza Hut. woo! i want more pizzas! haha. thank you for sending me back home safely. loves!~

haha, my annoying devil!!

his annoying she-devil.

i loooike this picture! :D

wooow, fierce baybeh!

fahmi tryna sponsor th perfume..

hot aint it?! aink~

i looove this photo!

they rawkx th hardcore!



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