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busy with school, no time update. & new timetable just suck big time. supposed no school on friday, but new timetable, dammit, friday school. _|_

grr, made ppl life hard -____-

pictures taken on 3rd day of school.

ezum was crying..

o.O staircase.

hahaah. diamond face XD

following, on th 7th. CCA Roadshow.

iffah on top climbing..

dance battle between dancers & non-dancers.

alright, today tired. but i had fun. had satay! wooh. delicious. thanks to zen. hehe. hmms, whats more, tmrw, will be my busy day. having many stuffs going on..

bfore that, to tht passerby or whoeva it may concern, yall dont haveta make a big fuss over my name. its not really a big deal. and first and foremost, tisha is PART of my name also. only that yall just DONT KNOW where it came from. yea. thts why, that Amelia thought i wanna act. _|_ and for fuck sake, im not here seeking for fame cos idc about cyber popularity. yall want make more fuss, please do. none is entertaining. only those who got time will entertain. and i always got time to entertain passerby like yall. amazing yo. kinda fun. reply2 to your taggies, but one thing for so sure, NONE will dare to even meet up. yes, laugh all u want. have your time tagging, flood or anything. happy tagging! =D atleast got job, rather than go catch some dick pornstuffs on th net. doesnt bring any good.

takecare all, bye (:


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