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i had a great day today. went out with zen and met bestie also. wooo! went to wait fr her @ ehub since 4pm. but she came at 5pm. haha. nvm. =D birthday girl late! haha. hope u like th present. from me & zen. \\//

slacked with zen at lvl 5 while waiting fr her.. took many pictures. after met myra, went to fishing pond around dmarquee and sat there fr like half an hour. thanks to dear zen fr being our photographer. hehe. i simply love all th pictures taken by you. it was awesome! from th start till th end. she went off at 530. so we went to have our dinner at th food court opp www. after eating, we went to take bus and off to outram stn.

from that station, we then walked up all th way to th clarke quay. slacked opp th bungee there till 930 and off home.

whats more, im so excited. because tmrw will be my 7th Monthsary. yay!!

yeah. \\// baybeh!

this one havoc! i like it! thanks to zen.

picture of th day. woo!

but i like this!

and this!

love this. like so random.


my fav picture.

myra bestie, happy birthday! =D

yeah. we \\//

random but i find it nice. taken by zen.


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