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i had a great day today. ^__^ thanks to dear ezum for making my day. & also nazli. ahah!

alright, its been so awhile since i last blog. sorry for not updating. i've been busy with my business all the while.. so not much time to blog like before.. unless if i have time like now. then i update. and im changing my blogskin very soon. tired of seeing this blogskin. B-O-R-I-N-G. starting2 always been awesome, nice and that kinda stuff. but like if the blogskin been here for months, i think i betta get it change.

let's start from the first. well today i supposed to be in school by 830am. i was awake at 7am, but then, i went back to sleep. haha. and knocked out all the way till 1030. awesome! showered and get ready to school. was damn rushing to sch, and furthermore, lazy to take bus. so end up i had to take cab to sch. thanks to kunnies(ezum) for waiting for me at the sch front gate. hehehe. ^__^ so reached sch, had my lunch and off to class.

was busy helping rizal with his project and at the same time, im playing the game car chaos. hey, its a very good game you know. :D i like that game! makes me more addictive of playing it.. after the game, this random "Girl" came to open convo with me in fb chat.. read this.. you'll be surprise.. its about a "Girl" named nadia..

yes, this account..

done. end of convo. bloody hell. chat just for this. freaking moron trying to be a girl. haha.

and so, went for break again at 330, bought myself strawberry banana milk ice blend yeah. ahahaha. thanks again to ezum, cos she was the one who gave me the first try that day.. cnt rmbr when. it was nice! hmm, after the short break, by the time we was about to go up class, the class has ended =_____=

after class, went off with ezum to Pastamania. wooohoo! like finally man. i've been dying to try pastamania. haha. so as ezum XD got a great time inside pastamania. i had beef bolognese and she had turkey bacon. i ordered another supreme pizza ^__^ after that, drop to this fashion and kill time shopping until 830pm. hahahahha. omg. we're hecking playing around in the this fashion. hahahah. joking around.. alright, after shopping, went home.

here are the pictures taken from my hp..
text text! haha

yeah! this is me :D hehe

her favourite face. hahaa

ezummmmmm :D

see that? yes, before i poke your eyes, better dnt ask me stupid qns. \\//

and this is the pizza ^__^ yummy.

end of the day. and im going to update my blogshop now. done updating. wooohooo! takecare. and keep coming back again. i'll be posting more =D



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