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Happy New Year 2011! =D

hey guys! how was your new year?? oh my.. it has been sucha very very long time since i last update my blog.. yes i know. i was very very hectic during the coming end of the year.. many things i had to handle like my business and outing =D

anyway, let's recap again about what happen starting from my last update.. not counted before this update cos that day i was just doing a rough update..

on the 29th dec, i went to accompany zuhayr for dental appointment.. i was supposed to be there at 930am, yet, at that time, i was still lazing on my bed. hahaha. bcos i turned in late the last night.. around 1am or 2am.. can't rmbr.. he called me at 830am.. i wasn't awake yet but after he left a miss call, i did realised and ignored. hahaha. very bad eh~ and around 930-945 i went to call him up, thought of just cancelling the meet-up but hearing his voice so mad at me, hahaha, so i decided to just go with the flow. get showered etc and took cab off to border to meet him.. thank god that his doctor was late. his appointment was at 10am, but since the doctor was late, it was pushed to 1030. ^__^ we got there on time. he got the same colour band as zen! haha, green colour band. and he kinda look funny with his wire and colour bands on him XD after his dental appointment, we went to have our lunch at BK. and next he accompanied me to the post office.. after awhile, i decided to go ps, we made our way there by walking. tired.. sadly the thing i wanted to buy was out of stock. so i gotta rush to ION when i Was from ION =___= thank god there's zuhayr otherwise i will be going to round the ION until i find the Daiso. hahahha. bought the things, and went off. he sent me at the mrt stn and went off separately.

ok, that's how my 29th Dec day looks like. i rushed home because my customer are coming around 3pm+ to collect their stuffs.

here's all the pictures of myself & zuhayr..

yes! im much fairer than you! hahaha.

and let's move on about my 30th Dec.. ok, this date was boring. i stayed home and asked farridon to send the lenses to my clients instead. hahaha! and he got free cab again! what the.

my 31st Dec was fun. like duh. last day of the year.. the past 2 years, i mean on 2009, last day of 2009 i went to OCH with zen, farridon, fahmi, nazli, syahirah & nisa.. this year, it was another experience. hahaha. but the last year explore at OCH was rather fun compared to this..

alright, zen got a half day at his camp, he booked out at 1145. im supposed to be there by 1130 and im late, Again. booked cab and rushed to home team academy. i reached there around 1245.. then we went to meet my clients. the last place to meet client was at amk.. after that we dine in at Pizzahut. yummy. finally i had this,

hehe, beef lasagne!!

it was very very nice. that time when i was still working at pizzahut, i often had this when i got free time or when my manager wasnt around. hahaha. usually after working time, we'll baked this XD and back to the dining part.. we also had..

10 pcs of drumsticks & calamari rings. woooohooo!

and for zen, he had this for his lunch,

beef bolognaise.. this is my #1 top fav food yeah =D

after that we went to take cab, zen went home to dress himself up, as for me, waiting for him under his void deck =___= and next, from his area, we took cab to chinatown. yeah man! met farridon at chinatown also. we all then took bus and drop somewhere nearby there.

ever heard of this place called "13cells"?? yup, we went there. it was freaking nice. the tix was $16/person. i treated them all =D for the sake of wanting to know what's inside. ok, we reached there at about 7pm+.. it was drizzling, but not that bad.. and here the experience goes..

first, each group will be having 1 person, and that 1 person will usher us to every of the cell. there were 13 cells altogether. no lights, nothing. we surrender all our stuffs at the entrance and we're not allowed to bring anything in, cos if anything were to drop or etc, they will not be responsible for the lost since the place is dark. alright, we all went in without anything on us. the first cell he brought us, we need to find a lightstick. imagine, going inside a cell, dark, all u can see is just haunted view of the cell. hahaha. all the 13 cells has its objective. so the first cell we managed to take the lightstick. i took it =D although i realised there was a bloody doctor around. it looks like a operation room. haunted operation room indeed. hahaha.

anyway, i may not be telling what's happening in all the cell in order because there was like 13 cells. so i could only share what i experience in each cell..

the 2nd cell was to find a marker.. 2nd cell funny. looks like a classroom. haunted classroom.. there were 6 tables i think.. some are dummy which are lying on the table, but some are real. we manged to clear the 2nd cell.. eh, nvm, i find it hard to share cell by cell. all i could describe is all cell are dark and looks haunted. hahahha. i think i rather share what was happening there..

there was dining with the devil where we're forced to eat the earthworm unless we are not allowed to leave the cell.. but none eat. farridon gave such reason like the worm no halal.. hahhah. got few cells no objective, we only need to roam around the cell.. what else.. ah, transfer baby.. the cell looks like house, and someone between us just need to transfer the baby from the babyub to the bed.. all cells got actors.. then got this cell where we need to walk one whole round the room, in the middle just corpse.. find baby skull.. find hands and feed the warewolf.. oh ya, theres this objective we only 1 person need to tap the baby. the cell was dark, but only the baby doll face (looks like chucky), got light.. hahaha. i tap the baby XD last part i know its bloody mary.. looks like toilet.. we only need to walk around.. another cell, we need to blow the candle. only 1 person like moaning at the candle one corner. hahaha. and again, i blew off the candle.. i think that's all i can think off what we did. but we managed to complete all the 13cells.. we only took 1hr to do it. that was fast~ hahaha.

we're done around 8pm.. we're free to explore the 2nd floor to the 5th floor, but we did not go as we're told that from 2nd floor to 5th, no one will be there, no lights, except there'll be ppl exploring.. we left that place. took cab off home. and i celebrated my new year with zen at my house ^__^

farridon went to explore the 2nd floor to 5th floor with daffi yesterday. hahah. they went like twice already.. yesterday i gave farridon digicam to take a better photo.. i will post the album link soon once hes done uploading the pictures.

ok, i know it was a very long post. because i nvr update for so long. now its already 2011, new year. new skin, new friends new faces. i also got my result already. im going to higher nitec. yay!! decided to go simei and take network security tech. will be enrolling together with the april intake student. looks like im going to be mixing with few 17 16 year old friends.. hahahah.

im done now, see you in my next update. byeeeee & takecare. have a nice day =D


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