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woooohooo! kinder surprise!

yeah! i've been longed to take photoshoot with bf, gonna be soon..

im so glad that on the 7th im still with my boyfriend. we've been together for about 4yrs++ and thats long. today is my 2yrs 5mths of being with him. and whatever happens throughout our relationship, yes it may be hard not only for me, but for him too to overcome and pull through our hard times. for me, to be in a long relationship, it takes more than a courage, love and trust to be together. in between the relationship there may be some unexpected things, but i'd still remember someone told me "whatever happens, keep holding on"..

for today i had a very enjoyable day. in the early afternoon we went to penin because zen and forever his Transformers collections, he wanted to check out some models about it.. after penin we had our lunch at KFC.. i ate alot. that's all i know. HAHA! next we then head to bugis, shopping! bought few clothings for myself and roamed around the bugis. by the time its already night, took bus went off home. the end. boring isn't it? HAHAHAH! because i can't think of a better things to share other than sharing where i've been for today. my bad.


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