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Hi hello everyone. Yeah I'm back blogging like almost everyday again. Today I had the best Sunday. I guess? I think it's because of the dinner. HAHA! Been wasting my time in the afternoon until I delayed most of the things. Supposedly I have to be at Hafian's house like around 3pm? But I delayed like its almost reaching 6.. Luckily he chose to pick me up at my place, otherwise I would have reached the dinner location later than expected =P THANK YOU.

We reached the location at about 7pm? It was at Badoque. What I know we reached just on time. All his family were there, which reminds me having dinner with Ipin's family back then.. At first yeah of course I felt its really awkward though I've seen them quite number of times at home.. But this is dinner. HAHA! Whole lot of difference. The menu to me was limited. But I don't know what about others.. I just find it limited. But overall I picked the best food ever. Which was one of my favourite.. The drink was awesome. I feels like having it more and more. Probably because of the chocolate I think? While waiting for the food to come, I was too engrossed taking pictures and more pictures with Hafian. HAHA! I just love taking pictures even after the food was ready. Just like the one below:

And this, is bolognaise. I love it so much, its so nice. It taste close to my mum's cooking. Delicious. ^_^ Well there's more of the meats than the linguine. But it was really a worthwhile trying this. I was full the minute I finished the food. Like I want it again and again can? :D

After dinner I didn't have any plan since I plot my day just for this Hafian. You feeling special huh? HAHA! We took cab distance away from the location, we believed that taking cab would reached home faster but no. Stupid driver went to drive us the longer way. Pfft. And for me, I dropped his house together with him because of Battlefield 3. I think I'm getting addicted with that game. Never get enough. Thank to him for helping me to complete some difficult parts :D

So I was uploading pictures and saw some of these, I really miss this time alot. This was during my nitec years. And I miss this dude, Nazli. Yeah, have yet to meet him because my month was hectic lately.. Probably we'll meet soon okay? See my stupid 17 face. HAHAHAH!

Oh this one also the same thing, I miss having my hair that way. Can I have the same hair again now? Maybe I'll stylize my hair again someday.. And to my younger brother, Farridon, I know you miss this hair also. And you know, this time we'll be meeting Syazwan again on the coming May 19 for his birthday celebration at MBS.

Shall update again whenever I have time. Takecare! Cheers.


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