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3D2N chalet

3 days 2 night chalet with the best was god damn good. Well I did not stay overnight though but the first day was well spent as well as day 2.. During the morning I met my boyfriend for breakfast actually but always end up having lunch(which idk why).. Bumped into my friend while I was otw to meet my boyfriend. Glad to meet my friend after so long I didn't see him.. Anyway, I had mac for lunch and thanks to boyfriend for the treat. He has always been so generous to me HAHHAHA so blessed to have such boyfriend who always likes to be so extra nice to me and not calculative at all..

After lunch accompanied boyfriend to send his stuff home.. It was quite a fast trip from amk to yishun.. So after all that, we thought we're gonna be late therefore we actually took cab to costa sands.. HAHHAHAHHAHA and surpringly after we reached, noone was there.. Decided to check in first and waited for the rest for about an hour plus I guess.. Fadzly and Kamal reached the chalet first.. It was going evening by then.. Didn't do much for the first day besides accompanying them to the pool because this Fadzly claimed that he hasn't been into the pool for about 4 years... Funny but it's true. HAHHAHAHHA! After pool we all decided to meet the rest of them at downtown for dinner...

I didn't buy anything heavy for my dinner as I was really full and not hungry..

That's Nayli, Kamal and Andy

Back to the chalet we didn't do anything much besides having our own time and taking selfies all the time.. HAHHAHAHA! Had a good time with them.. I didn't expect boyfriend would sent me home by cab again. Expect the unexpected people say. HAHAHHAHHA

Thanks to boyfriend for this shot. Just my hair only... hahhahaha

For second day we actually decided to come early in the morning but ended up reaching around afternoon timing.. Thank you so much Khai for accompanying me to renew my stuffs and bought drinks to quench our thirst in the afternoon as the weather was scorching hot..

Nothing much I can share when I reached there.. Just some new people inside that chalet though.. Had light lunch with Khai inside the chalet.. Don't know what else to elaborate for the afternoon cause all the while we're like slacking and killing time, waiting for the rest to make their way home.. Oh yes.. and boyfriend being so impromptu for the day, decided to bring me for luxury lunch at Seoul Garden.. We both are forever indecisive, for a minute we wanted to have Manhattan for our dinner.. The next minute, Pastamania.. Then Swensens.. HAHAHHAHAHA tough choices but in the end we had our dinner at Seoul Garden at ehub..

This looks so new to me.. I didn't know.. Probably only at ehub Seoul Garden.. Save the trouble from going back to and fro for the food.. Hahahahhaha

Mostly were meaty and more meat and more fishballs, cockles and some hotdogs hahahahha

Dessert, ice cream. Well prepared by boyfriend. HAHAHHAHA So skillful for what..

Finally a picture of us

So much of "float".... HAHHAHAHAHHA not nice at all..

Back to the chalet.. By right I'm supposed to rush to the chalet cause we're supposed to celebrate Andy's birthday and furthermore he needs to go home around evening but.... Fortunately, the timing all has changed.. He was able to go home at a later timing(which is good for me).. Returned to the chalet around 730pm.. I don't know what I was doing all the while cause I feel the time was ticking really fast.... Probably because of selfie and play games with Khai HAHAHHAHA must be that..

Don't mind my messiness look and the rest of them.. Thankfully everyone was able to attend the celebration..

I don't know why but I kind of like this photo of us

End of selfiesssss like finally.. Actually there are still more pictures inside my phone but I couldn't be bothered to upload all of them.. Those that I've uploaded are the ones very memorable for me.. HAHAHHAHA and below are just group selfies of us. Thanks to Andy for the monopod..

I love this picture of us among all the rest

Alright, the cake, I didn't managed to take a picture of it cause didn't thought of doing so.. Was pressing for time.. But the cake was well done. Tasted Nutella and so chocolatey. Delicious! And again, boyfriend simply had to send me home by cab.. Too generous like always.. Tomorrow check out day.. I don't know if I can wake up early and have breakfast with them all.. Must see how.. Forever fickle minded. HAHAHHAHAA


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