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late fr math test & POA rmdial on sat.(ystrday)

actually if nt im nt late..
cos ferst2 i woke up at 8.00 whereby iie thought its 9am..
bt thn im aware.. bcos im so slppy, i went to slp bck.
ahahs..skali,.... im awake at 8.45am.. take you tht.!
shud hev wake-up at 8 lurhs..
th test started at 9 ardd.. & im still at hm..wth.
thre i go rushing lyke insane lady..
in th end, reached skwl at 9.30am..
still gort tyme do th math cos its until 11..
th qns sm lyke making me fcuk-up lurhs..
didnt ans fr sm.. ends at 11.10am..

go hm..thn eat..clean hse..
must cum bck skwl by 12..& i thought by 12.30..dumb-ass.
i reached skwl agn nearly arnd 1pm..
late agn..wth..bt luckily tcher nver gets angry..
study until 2pm..
thn go hm..
i hope im nt gonn b late this tyme. (:
esp on mon. :D


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