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gonna keep it short.
im lz to type.
ysterday didnt went fr blogging..
i mean as in tues..
cos tired aft went to east coast beach..(:
had a great funfunfun..
no idea whre to go..
so we head dwn to east coast fr relax..
th beach was so nice..
didnt go thre fr almost 10yrs..
omgoshh..tht was long i guess..
play w waters..
& th waves of th beach wet my skirt.! awwhhhs..
& yes, i went hm w wet skirt! haah..
th nxt day i was sick. -wed.
gt slight fever..so didnt turn up fr skwl.
going to jurong swimming complex on thurs..
if nt its gon be on wed..bt since i was ABSENT, so had to switch th date.
heres sm photos on tues..(:

*i engraved this myself okay! & it took sucha loooonnngggg time xD*


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