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today so tired.
exam coming nw thn wan study.
wth lurhs. x/
ferst aft skwl gt math mock exam P2..
paper so hard sia..
do oso qns tht iie noe only..
aft th exam i went to fetch my bro..
thn go hm..
aft tht go out agn..
cos at 5pm iie gt POA rmdial..until 7..
bt i came in late cos i went to fetch my bro..
i reach at 5.30pm..
studystudy.. tcher dismiss us at 6.30pm..

aft tht i & kezann went to heartland..
walk2..thn when waiting fr her bus,
wth th bus spoil frm far..
th bus nver move..
ferst b4 tht she missed her bus..
second bus spoil..
haah..th sad thing was tht she have to wait fr another bus..
haa..tired ardd..
talk2..finally bus cum..
thn she broad th bus & i went hm. (:

im tired tired tired.
-im missing my baby.


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