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ohh damn.
fri didnt went to skwl.
cos th nyte bfore i slept arnd 3.30am.
haah..cos uf comp lurhs..
okay ardd what..so lyke i owaes did..
instead of going to bed,
im on th comp..wth..
as if fri i dnt nid turn up fr skwl.
wth. & in th end i didnt overslpt..
th alarm did rang bt i snooze it..
wake-up fr a while thn slp bck.
gawd damn.
aft tht thn i overslpt..
woke up at 7.15am..
late ardd fr sure..so = dnt nid go skwl.
agn i absent myslf which i supposed nt to..

bt today, i gt a chat w him in msn.
it was so gr8.
chat more baby.!
haha..okay th shots..ltr take if im on mood.
c ferst no promises wen..
imy & imy.
lovelovelove. tcares.
& yeahh i miss my baby alot. (:


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