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back agn.
my comp okay ardd..
yay!! so get on bck my fingers to th comp..
well, iiev been missing him all th while.
wth. so long we nver mit.
& crushcrushcrush.
jesse!! omg. ily. haah xD
still gort exams cumin up..
prelim 2..
nxt fri start ardd. wtf lurhs..
so fast..

ryte now, thinking of my baby.
well, his doing fyne..so do i..
wen we gon mit huhs..
haahs. lolx.
iie guess aft my exams..
thts damn long lurhs..
maybe iiel try to take my tyme.
smtymes to mit him.
still gort things to give him.

ntg much more to say.
love reading my post??..
thn go ahead & wait fr my nxt post.
tcares all. (:


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