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Everyone knows about the ongoing global pandemic Covid-19. Where it has affected all of our lives, the lives of our love ones and the people around us. I'm hoping people could actually take this time and stay indoor, isolating themselves as much as possible cause it is so important in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. 

What's even more harder, to stay productive. During this time, everyone wants to find ways of doing something that's beneficial. Especially when it comes to financial. Managing financial isn't a piece of cake unless you're born rich. Yknow, money makes people go round. You'll eventually have commitments along the way. 

So early this year around March, I was kinda intrigued by one of my friend's post(Delima) on IG story where she shared and introduced how 4life has been very beneficial for herself and her little kids immune as well as earning a passive income(she's a single mama being a housewife only). Well if you're someone that fills with curiosity, yknow what's next hahaha. Yes, I then decided to sign up and eventually became part of it. I wanted to discover the benefits myself and how it allows me to earn passive income as well(despite having full-time job). 

As far as I know, if you're determined to achieve on something, you'll have to put your time and effort in working towards your desired goals. For this, I did. She has been posting instructions and coaching what to do after you sign up. Just so you know, nope, I never thought this could be another MLM(multi-level marketing) strategy either before I signed up. I was rather open to find out what can 4life offer me. Indeed it has brought me with so many benefits ranging from health to finance. Bearing the amount of time I had to juggle between work and 4life, I eventually made some research and readings about 4life. Indeed you should do too! You'll find out more if you wish to embark on this wonderful journey with me.

Let me walk you through how this 4life has benefits many people around the world before I share with you on how you can earn from home with 4life. Obviously I would like you to know all these without blindly signing up for something you don't know. Hence I'm sharing the most common things about 4life.
  1. 4life was founded in 1998 and has expanded over 50 countries worldwide
  2. 4life most common products that is so effective for many people: TRANSFER FACTOR
    • Does it really work? Yes 
    • What are the benefits? Transfer factors educate the immune system to recognize self from non-self, thus support healthy immune system function. It instructs the immune system to act appropriately, transfer factors are effective in supporting normal inflammatory response in the body, a key to healthy body system function.
    • Have I tried them myself? Yes

Now that you have somehow have an idea what's the benefits about 4life, you should try it yourself. Let your family, friends and people around you discover this amazing product. But of course I would suggest you to be a distributor first cause you'll get 25% off. Ever since I joined as an affiliate with 4life, I've learnt that if you really put in alot of effort and time by attending workshop and classes, you can actually earn more than what you think.

Click here to sign up and start earning!

Incase if you're stuck at any of the step above, feel free to let me know ya. So after you're done with the steps above, here are some things you should know:

4lifes provides you bonuses like Builder Bonus when you have more people enrol with you as well as rewards called Rapid RewardsMyShop website with your ID. More about it here. You'll have something like this:

And what is more exciting? Nothing beats the feeling of receiving parcels right? Yes. As for me, I self collected my welcome kit at their office and got it on the same day.

The welcome kit looks like this which consist of:

This is how it looks like when I got it

Fun fact, I had my first dose of vaccination last Saturday 12 Jun, before I went out, decided to take one of RioVida Burst Sachet and the next day, I took RioVida Stix Sachet. A day after my vaccination, I was indeed surprised. I GOT NO FEVER. Cause usually I know my body immune tend to fall sick easily. Even the temperature(if it's too cold) in environment can lead me to have fever. 

And today is the 3rd day after vaccination. The swell feeling on my arm has gone. 

Here are just some of the purchased I received on bare minimum after attending MyShop zoom meeting. It is important for you to attend the zoom meeting as it allows you to understand in depth not just about passive income but also about how 4life can benefit you in many ways.

One thing I remember ever since I joined 4life, "you don't have to go and look for customer, instead, they look for you".

I was indeed so happy when I received my first two enrolments and purchased. Waking up the next day realising my rank has upgraded from "Preferred Customer" to "Associate". Oh yes, in order for the money to bank in into your account, your rank has to be upgraded to "Associate" and above. Otherwise all the purchased shall remain as loyalty points until you get your rank upgraded. This is legit yeah!

Best part, I even got my name up into their leaderboard for the month of May!

Oh well, look who's here to join the venture as well. I got my man to join me and indeed within the same month, he has upgraded his rank from "Preferred Customer" to "Associate" real quick. Took me about 2 months to rank up and he made it within a month. Keep striving!

So thats pretty much sum up about 4life. If you wanna know more about their rank advancement, click here. Who knows by the end of the year I'm Presidential? If you have any questions, feel free to ask me about it. No worries, I'll definitely answer to all your queries for sure. 


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