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My First LDR Meet Up - France 2021


Just like anyone else, I'm excited too to meet my boyfriend, Dom. It has been for almost a year we've been keeping in touch with each other virtually and I guess it's time for us to meet in real life since the border restriction have been lifted for certain countries. We didn't plan this ahead because the news kept changing but we were ready to see each other when time permits. Here comes our last minute plan the minute Malaysia announced that travelling was allowed. Three(3) weeks prior to our departure, we had our ticket booked. We both made alot of readings(yes like literally alot) since none of us has ever travelled alone or during Covid period. We made sure everything was checked like their requirements and such before and after departure. Knowing we both lived in different countries, the requirements were slightly different. But if you were wondering if I have any idea like pre-departure checklist for Singapore and Malaysia, yes I do and some information might have changed by now. 

Initially we both planned to go Germany but during that time, Malaysian aren't allowed to go Germany, vice versa, so we had to cancel and shift our next country which matches both end, happened to be France. I only wanted to see mountains and the snow and so, December 2021, it happened. Let me share what Dom & I prepared before our pre-departure flight to France. As for me I boarded with SQ direct flight and Dom boarded with Etihad with transit at Abu Dhabi. 

For Singaporean: 
1. Take Pre-Departure Test 2 days before flight - PCR 
2. Obtain vaccine cert via Notorise and upload inside France AntiCovid app

For Malaysian:
1. Take Pre-Departure Test 2 days before flight - PCR 
2. Upload your vaccine cert into France AntiCovid app and for transit at UAE details you can click here

That should be all. Quite easy nothing complicated after all those readings haha. Just make sure you don't have any close contact 14 days before departure. As for me, I literally minimised my movement and stayed home as much as possible to avoid having exposure. 

On the day before departure, I have my younger brother and his wife, together with my niece to send me off. My bestfriend Ratu and Sed came too to send me off. We had dinner before my flight. Honestly, idk why time slows down when I'm waiting for the day I'm flying but when you're not planning for anything, time run so fast. Can you agree? Ok now I have some pictures to share before I depart from Changi Airport. My flight was midnight flight anyway. As for Dom, he had to take flight from JB to KL and then KL to Paris. Unfortunately for Etihad, they do not have direct flight unlike SQ(perks of living in SG😝)

Believe me or not I packed my luggage 6hrs before my flight😆 and honestly I should've brought the largest luggage or perhaps bring another luggage with me but instead I only had 1 26" luggage with me😒

T3 was this empty when we reached eventho this was like around 930-10pm I guess??

She probably knew I was gonna fly off😂 

I was pressing for time eventho I have already checked in and yet my niece Medi still can hang around hahaha

I was told by my friends to have my baggage checked-in first before my dinner-supper. Well for someone who loves last minute, I bet this time was better cause I finally checked in ahead of time haha! Ok so since my baggaged have already checked, I was only left to check-in an hour before my departure time. This reminds me back in 2018 where I depart for Bandung. Right after my dinner-supper, I checked in. They issued me sworn statement paper as well but as soon as I reached Paris, nobody asked for that piece of paper😒

The best part was beside me, there isn't anyone. There were 3 seats but the middle seat was empty which means I can actually sleep(which I did but uncomfortably)

It's a direct 12hrs flight and half of the time when I woke up, I decided to selfie instead😆 yknow this was my first SQ flight so the excitement was up there

This was the supper meal I guess? Couldn't remember but it was good. Thought I'd utilize my iPad but no. Right after my meal, I went to sleep

This is how I slept throughout my 12hours flight😂 You can tell I'm that small to be able to fit like this ya

Top view during the flight towards Abu Dhabi. My flight has a WiFi but I didn't utilize them cause I was counting on how many hours left to reach CDG Paris

I remembered this was the morning like 6am?? Breakfast. Since the time difference was 7 hours behind, so when it's 5am, Singapore time was afternoon like that, 12pm. It was said that the flight would reach around 730am. I was rather excited when they said landing in 15 minutes hahaha

Just a regular picture of me waiting for my plasty to reach CDG as his flight will only touchdown about 11am. I have about 3-4hrs to wait for him.

Walking around the airport alone is fun because you get to explore alot of new things around but at the same time you have to be vigilant. I meant well. I was sort of had experienced where random stranger came speaking to me in french but I thought it was some crazy people, I managed to get away from it not knowing it was beggar and it's a norm to experience such things especially if you're alone

And as soon as when time was nearing, I standby somewhere near the Starbucks since we already decided to wait for each other here around here.

And voila! Thank god he has safely reached and I could vividly remember how it went, that moment was still fresh in my head. I waited for him right infront of the arrival hall(the very top first photo of this post). And yknow what, this was my first impression the minute I saw him, no I didn't took any vid because we both were too excited to even remember to record the moment and at first I thought when I saw him, I raised my hands happily and the next seconds thinking I waved to the wrong person BUT NO hahahaha. I mean he looked too good in real life I couldn't believe I made it seeing someone over LDR for the first time!

This was our first few photo over at Starbucks before we head off to collect our car. Believe it or not, we both were sleepy and we knew we both didn't had enough sleep. I was excited and so does he. Can you imagine this was around 3pm?? Idk how we spent hours roaming in the airport deciding where to have our lunch and ended up having Starbucks instead

Everything there was rather cheap I must say. It doesn't cost much as I thought. I'm glad I made it all the way to the airport alone cause never in my life I'd travel this far alone and it was one of my greatest experience, well so does he. We made it happened. At this time, I just wanted to reach to our next destination quick, Chamonix. It's a 6hours drive, 600km away. I'll share more on my next update. That's pretty much for my Day 1 in CDG Airport, France as we both planned to go Chamonix instead of settling at Paris. He's as adventurous as me and I love it. 

Thank you for reading and I shall continue my trip to Chamonix from Airport CDG on my next update, stay safe! ♡


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