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Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I know it has been really long since I last did an update on my blog. I may not know my returning readers but allow me to do a quick recap. The last update was done back on 2017 Jan(that's like 4 years ago). From 2017 till date, alot of things have changed. Yes, when I mentioned "alot" I really meant it like vast amount. 

I guess this post gonna be another lengthy one. For new readers, hello to you guys. This space was used to express many things since I was young. You can literally look up anything about it in the search icon and you'll definitely find something in my blog. Oh well, some may know and some may not know but imma share it anyway during the time span between 2017 to present.


The year where I got into a relationship which lasted about 5 massive years and yeap, it's one of the relationship where I treasure most and thought it would flourish. Things were beautiful, I couldn't picture what it's like not having him around.

It was also a tragic year for me at the same time. Somewhere around November, I met with an accident which causes my wrist to fracture and it took me nearly a year to fully recover. Lost my sense of grip and had to attend therapy sessions. Glad that it has fully recovered now.


My younger brother got married in 2017 May and god gave him an adorable daughter I called my niece "Puteri Medina". She's 3 years old now. She was born in 8 Feb 2018.

Guess I was still young, I relatively placed a high hope on my relationship. I was indeed very committed with my relationship while pursuing my study in Diploma. October 2018, Decided to get myself engaged for two years. I then bought my ex a decent bike, CBR1000RR. My ex and myself named this bike "Nyrasheebee". The bike where it brought me to many places, literally. Discovered high and low of what it's like maintaining a thousand cc bike. Riding around was totally fun.

Coming to the end of the year, on December 2018, had my 3rd flight. Went for a trip with my ex family to Bandung. I enjoyed myself that I wished my stay was longer. Now the covid existed, I miss traveling very much.


I graduated from Nanyang Poly, got my Diploma eventhough I was supposed to graduate on 2018. I failed on one of my module, so I had to retake and hence, graduated a year later. 

Most of my time in 2019 were spent on traveling and riding around with bike. Exploring places around in Malaysia. Every weekend I would always be either in JB or ride up towards Melacca or KL. Reason being, some parts of Malaysia were really scenic to me. 


Things starts to get rough and tougher. It wasn't like what I expected when I first started the relationship. Between all those happiness that I painted on my sociamed, I had to go through the most toughest moment. Unfortunately I had to call off my engagement as we both realised things didn't work out between us.

It was neither easy for me to cope. If I were to express all the feelings that I've bottled up, I guess I might dried out this post. The entire year, all I'm hoping was things to get better towards end of the year. It difficult to actually keep yourself reminded that you're worthy and you should value yourself more than anyone.


Time flies, its already half of the year. I am finally starting to work towards my goals. Despite the changes, I began to think rationally before making any decision ahead. 

At the same time, I'm glad that I managed to pull through my hard times. It felt like all my burden had gone off my shoulder. I started to breathe better and things starts to fall into place. I'm sure many of you are aware of the global pandemic situation at the moment. The existence of Covid-19. It has made us even harder to travel around. I'm hoping the border would open soon. Been locked down in my country for about a year. 

And one of the best thing about 2021, I made a connection with someone across border! His name is Dominique. It has been about half a year of getting to know him. 

What its like keeping in touch with someone across border? Fun cause you get to see things out of your country whenever you're on FaceTime. Just keep communicating with each other, really. I couldn't be more thankful for this blessed soul who has helped me throughout my toughest time, keeping me occupied and making sure I am fine for every single time. 

I hope by starting to revive this blog again, it'll somehow gonna make me feel fuel up to continuously update this beautiful space. 

Oh yes, before I forget, I even had my own domain and email. I'll comeback more quality post content in my website. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you'll comeback for my next post. I'll share on things I do that helped me de-stress.

Stay safe and if you're in need of any advise emotionally, feel free to send me an email or click the link "contact".


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