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After Three Years

Guess I've been missing from my blog for way too long, three years indeed. I don't know if I'm still good at blogging like I used to, but I can try to start back again haha! Life has always been a roller coaster for me. Not everytime I'll be at the top but over the years I think I grew up with so much positive vibes. -Thank god! I have so much to talk about my love life, yes me and my long term relationship.. What else could it be right? HAHA! I don't know if there are people who still be looking forward to read my blog.

Many things have changed since 2014. Yes the last I blogged was 2014. To keep it short, I'm no longer with the guy I've been sharing and talking about. Things are over between us, well shit happens and I wouldn't want to remember or elaborate how it happened. For short, we didn't make it through. It was the most difficult decision that has ever happened to me in my entire life I must say. After all the hardship, I came to think that I am much happier now than before. Sometimes I think why didn't I meet the people who crave and yearn so much attention as much as I do.

They said, for every person that you meet it's either a blessing or a lesson.

Grew up with long term relationship is kinda both blessing and lesson?? Idk?? Hahaha. Cause I only feel the blessed when I'm with them and lessons when they're gone. Well to enlighten my dear new reader, I used to be in a four years relationship and three years. That sum up to seven years of relationship experience for me :D Whatever it is, I don't think I have anything much to say about my love life apart from the current one. Yes, new boyfriend. That's gonna be another lengthy write up I guess? ^^

Actually I'm kinda sleepy right now but that's okay, I feel like spending some time for my blog since it has been really long since I last update them.

Oh yes so this is my boyfriend, his name is Zulhilmi. I have so much things to write up for my man here. Many may not expect this but I am happy with the decision I made, yes we actually knew each other back in 2012 somewhere you know during gig and stuff. Came to think about it now, I didn't expect we have so much things in common and I like how we both can get along so well. The chemistry game strong they said. Only god knew how much I like looking at this guy. Hahaha!

This Zul made me so happy that I really can't wait what the future has in store for us. I don't think that the things happened is neither slow or fast for me. Its just nice like that. Didn't expect for such good things to fall into place nicely too. I cannot describe the happiness he has given me for this short period of time, with all the effort, the time, the patience and many more things, especially the clinginess part. Surprisingly we both are so much clingy that every single day we yearn for each other presence.

There are many other wonderful things being with this guy here that I wish to share. I'll sure be updating my blog again soon ;)


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