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I'm back!

Seems like it has been quite awhile since I last update my blog. Much misses. Always been busy with my daily routine such as my work but amazingly that has never been an hindrance to me whenever it comes to quality time. Life has been fairly good though at certain times it can be like roller coaster where somehow things doesn't go the way you always expect them to be.

While appreciating the beautiful moments, I've always hope that good things never comes to an end. For each day when I woke up, constantly hoping my day will be better than yesterday.

Counting the days being with a person who gave you so much joy within a year, I realized that one effort can cause so much happiness. Never once I picture my life would be this better after the sorrowful months I had last year - the four years relationship, harsh breakup. To be honest, it's not easy to move on and never been. Things were so much tough back then and no doubt, situations are not compromising at all. But that's alright, shit happened and there's nothing can be done or go back to the times where things were perfect.

Having someone who constantly watch over you from time to time, it's a blessed. Someone who cares for you more than they should care for themselves.


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