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quick update

Okay actually the pictures below are just overdue taken on Monday after I'm done with my work. Ended like around afternoon and by right boyfriend was supposed to fetch me but sadly he did not. I guess he was too tired back from work. I knew how much he wants to fetch me but again, I wouldn't want anything to get worse for him therefore I don't mind if he choose his sleep over me.

The view is just awesome! Reminds me about whenever there's firework, it'll be a perfect view from the office.

Oh yes so meanwhile, I decided to get myself a drink with cup noodles. Too hungry. Thankfully the lounge has vending machines all. End up I drank 3 cups of hot milo HAHAHHAHAHHA. Too delicious for me until one cup was never enough.

Couldn't decide where to fix a place to meet boyfriend, as always we're forever impromptu since day one. We decided to meet up at airport. Surpringly I reached there first before him. Wanted to have dinner but then again, I planned not to. Happened to passby Starbucks, got ourself a drink!

Strawberry cheesecake frappe for myself and Tiramisu for him

By right we both had difficulties deciding which one we want. That moment was so contemplating. In the end we decided to buy different types of frappe. Otherwise it would be both strawberry cheesecake already. HAHAHHA. And we slacked our evening at Starbucks, chilling until evening. I don't know how indecisive we are, cause we could have our dinner at mac airport but no, we traveled from airport to punggol and lastly to Kovan to have dinner. HAHAHHAHAHA. Yes one big trip. But that's alright. He bought McSpicy for himself and like always, I would finish up his fries.

As for today, he's working and when its on the day that he's working, I'm always stucked at home dying of boredom. After work had nowhere to go. Boyfriend can't wait to ORD in September. Now it's only June. He should take a chill pill I think. I am very sure he is going to miss his life as a firefighter. HAHAHA! Tomorrow will be another day. Probably I should sleep early tonight and just be a morning person the next day.

Anyway, another thing I would like to share about is this "CafeFest". Not sure if you've heard about it or not but I got recommended by a friend. It's like 12 cafes across Singapore in one location only at The Waterfront Promenade. I've decided about this, I'm going! Gonna get the VIP passes soon! So excited. I can't wait.

Just incase if you guys want to know more about this event:

Café Fest Singapore 2014


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