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Finally I'm having a free time right now to update my blog. Couldn't seem to find a proper timing whenever I feel like updating my blog actually.

Well my week went so well, i love it. It has always been the same from Monday to Friday but nevertheless, I've always love my job right now. I wish I could extend the contract *hopefully*. Don't know how I can consider my life so bless, with the lovely people around me and loving boyfriend I have. Usually after my working hours, boyfriend definitely would pick me up and have lunch together. Sometimes I don't know how to thank him for the time he has given to me. He really would gave up his sleep on me, like no matter how tiring he is, he never fails to keep me accompanied. He even missed watching his favourite match I think. I'm not a big fan of soccer but knowing to have such boyfriend who are highly passionate of soccer, sometimes makes me think how is he going to divide his time between his past time and me.

Oh well last friday was his first day off, after so long of not playing soccer, he finally get to play them. I don't know how can he endure the entire day by not having enough sleep.

Berrylite again!

Yes, its the frozen yogurt again. I remember how frozen yogurt wasn't my favourite at all due to first time experience with Frolicks. I don't quite like it at all actually but after few years, I decided to buy another type of frozen yogurt. Amazingly it tasted so good! I prefer the original yogurt flavor. It goes well with my sense of taste! HAHA! That time when we bought there was red velvet. The urge to try red velvet was very tempting but again, wouldn't wanna waste money and end up not eating them. So as usual, we bought the original flavor filled with 3 different types of toppings. Which I can consider as our all time favourite. Those 3 toppings are:

  • Granola (cause I love those wheat bars)
  • Fruity pebbles
  • Oreo crumbs

This time round we decided to buy a large size. Worth buying and I think it's healthy too!

My another favourite, cheese baked rice with black pepper sauce

Okay this was taken another day. I think everyday I've been eating at different types of food places HAHAHA. This was taken at Eighteen Chefs at The Cathay which was located near Dhoby Ghaut. Before this we always went to Cineleisure to have Eighteen Chefs. I think why we love their food so much is due to the cheese and how the food was well prepared. So delicious! My standard choice of sauce forever the same, black pepper sauce with baked beans as topping. And his, would be those spicy ones. Can't stand looking at him eating those chilies, really making my goosebumps stands. HAHHAHA! Not kidding.

Other than that, yesterday went to my bestfriend's chalet, Aan because its his niece birthday. They hold a birthday party and his niece was really cute! Did bought for her something and that was totally impromptu. Thanks to boyfriend for suggesting what to get for the niece. Overall everything went smoothly. After the chalet we decided to go haig rd cause I had to buy something for my mum. But halfway, changed of plan because the shop we're heading to is going to close. Unintentionally we made another big round and ended up going Hougang instead. Me and my fickle minded. Should have double check next time.

For today, didn't go anywhere. It's stay home Sunday. Cooling weather, loving it. And somehow I need to be well prepared for 5th September. Hopefully I can do it. Practice makes perfect. Whatever it is, I must pass. Been going to lesson for every week and what's more, Ramadan is drawing near. Can't believe we're just 6 days away. Thinking it going to be almost a year since last year of Ramadan. I need time to clean my house soon. Maybe I should cut down the frequency of going out every single day.


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