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boyfriend's friend's wedding

You know it seems really hard to me to make time for blogging. But whatever it is, I'll still try to find time to blog again. I don't know since when I start losing the interest of blogging. I used to blog like every single day reason because each day was very valuable to me. Those pictures I uploaded, those pictures I know at time I can never keep it else where besides my blog. 

But anyway, let's start a fresh one. I think last I blogged was few months ago. That's bad. HAHAHA! Sometimes I did scroll through my post, one of my favourite post was my Bangkok trip. Really miss going there alot. The atmosphere was three times different than here. I guess whenever I start travelling, it makes me feel at ease and so much comfort. Soon I'll be going to Malaysia again with family. Gonna miss my boyfriend very much. Told boyfriend that I'll activate my roaming but seems like he's not agreeing to that. That's okay, there's always an alternative. Can't wait for the trip. Probably will be going there somewhere around July or maybe end of June, idk.

Oh yes, another thing, big thanks to my lovely boyfriend. I've been wanting to blog about this actually. About my boyfriend who was so excited to see me in hijab that he decided to buy for me almost all of them, the outfit including the accessories all. As much as I'm not on permanent basis, but I don't mind putting it on a special occasion. Which was last Sunday, on the 15th. He literally went to accompany me to find the clothing all, amazingly at the end of the day, it matches everything! And honestly I like it very much. Especially the skirt. So fluffy. 

I like every single thing that I wore on last Sunday including the clutch he bought for me.

The wedding ceremony was held at Sembawang CC. And again, I was late. I don't know what's holding me back so badly but really I took about 2-3 hours just to get ready. HAHAHAHAHA. Had to take cab from home and fetch boyfriend at Yishun.. Lucky that from his place it's slightly near to the location..

And personally I like the theme of the wedding, so pinky!

I'm abit lazy to type right now I don't know why HAHAHA, maybe because I'm sleepy already. Anyway the food there was awesome! There's satay too! Went off from there about almost 530pm I think.. After that went to have some time together at Airport.. Guess Airport has been the most chilling place to go for. Boyfriend said its so calm and peace(which idk what's so calming about the place, maybe because less people)..

Urrghhhh, I think I'm going to bed now, shall continue blogging again tomorrow maybe. Takecare!


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