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today, didnt cum late to skwl.
:] hehe. im on tyme.
bt in class, was bored.
aft recess, iie slept.
cos gt fwe lesson.
my tcher nver cum.
last period iie slept.
haha. xD

aft skwl, went to mit fadly.
at cck.
as usual, he fetch me.
well, had a great tyme w him.
like owaes.
ferst, slack under th void deck.
thn go up his hse.
met th parents agn.
they were eating.
aft they ate, gt chat w them too.
hoho. x]
& iie get to c th babyboy agn!
been thre fr a while thn he sent me to mrt..
aft tht iie go hm.
heuu. -.-


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