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back agn.!
skwl open ardd.
re-cap starting frm mon..

23June08, Monday-
aft skwl, went to mit fadly.
he didnt go to skwl.
so he came to fetch me at Choa Chu Kang MRT.
had a great time w him.
slackin under th void deck.
smtg happenned . :x
nt between me & him. bt between anonymous.
sm idiots rumors smtg abt him.
well, they were otw cumin thre..
i was rushin..arnd 4.15pm he then sent me to mrt.
before tht, went to browse fr smtg w him.
...then i tap-in go fetch my younger bro.
& iie was 20mins late.

24June08, Tuesday-
didnt cum to skwl.
smtg went wrong..
so kezann came to my hse.
she gt shoo-off cos she was late w friends.
she was abt to go poly..
bt then, cos she lz, she came my hse.
arnd 12.30pm go sent my younger bro to skwl..
then go kovan w her..walk2..
arnd 2pm we went hm.

25June08, Wednesday-
today iie overslept & didnt went to skwl.
AGAIN. wth.!
its been 2 days iive not been attending to skwl.
cos of my alarm lurhs..
my younger bro go change to pm.
did cum to skwl..bt gt shoo-off.
dont care lurhs.
so went back hm do chores thn slp.
iie hope tmrw didnt happen agn..


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