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its been a long tyme iie didnt update.
nw im updating it..

gonna tell smtg happnng on 16june.

16June08 -

went to mit fadly..
cos he wanted to update his psp.
in th ferst place.. went to kovan to fetch him..
he came late..bt tht doesnt concern nwae.
i told my bro too cos his going to mit him too..
well, didnt noe he'll bring his fwen..
he came thre w his fwen..thre were 3 of them.
all ride bike. x-cept me.
fadly came arnd 6.50pm..
i missed him. & we owaes mit often.
ahha.. it was great nwae.
cos his kinda entertaining & fun. -to th max oii!! xD
okay2..thn aft tht he asked me to accompany him buy lighter.
opps. :x
thn2..haah..he bought my fav color as in th lighter color..
thn sit fr awhile..chat2..
dunch wanna waste tyme..
so we all guhh mcd.
aft tht chill2..
thn he go w my bro..
& i went hm alone.
he wanted to sent me hm.
bt i told him nvm.
ohh yeah,
daffi & sebastian left ardd wen th tyme we went mcd.
it was fun chilling out w him.
mitting ya soon baby!


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