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here again.! :]

well..ystrday was my bf bdae.
he gort made a party..
held at jurong east swimming complex thre..
had lots uf fun..
bt iie came late. -sowie baby!
i came arnd 5.30pm..
whreby iie supposed to cum at 12pm..
i gort two choices,
mit fadly ferst or mit nico..
cos if i mit fadly, i gotta pass him his umbrella.
rmbr?? tht tyme th umbrella left w me.
bt if iie cum mit nico,
it'll b rather betta cos nwae iiev tell him i will cum..
so i dunch wanna hurt him..
im soooo soo sowie fadly.. iie cant mit u..
well its been soo hurting fr u on tht day..
iie noe tht..
im so sorry.
dont hope on me so much i told ya.!
but u so stubborn. u forced me to cum.
lyke i said i cant.

so, wen iie reached thre..
one uf th aunty just grab & gmme a kissed.! -woooa.
i was shocked too.
glad to mit thm again..
th dad did talked to me too.
& th mum..
they we asking y am i late..
hev a chat w th dad..
thn with all th aunties too..
its been a very great time fr me..
soon.. i saw nico & all his fwens & cussn.
bt iie dunno thm ..
so i was so quiet..
while waiting fr thm to change,
i took sm photo w th family..
his dad..mum & aunties..

aft tht, th dad book a cab fr us.
we took cab differently..
while waiting fr it,
michael did flower balloon fr me.
awww.. soo clever.
in th cab, he made a bear too.!
haha. awesome.

thn wen at his hse ardd,
th mum gave me sm drinks & food. -app it lots.
i went to help th mum & th aunty too at th kitchen..
i had so much fun..
im lz to type more..
but iie was so happy..
cos wen iie was about to leave,
th mum & th aunty kissed me.
it was so great.
i hope to mit thm again like they said. :D

he sent me until his void deck..
well, sucha nice thangs i gort b4 i go..

:x shudnt share it here. :D

heres th photo ppl..

tht was his dad, me & the mum :]

i took this fr them. -request frm them. hahas. :D
the two aunties..his mum & dad. x]

tht was him & me. & at my back was michael. :D ahahs.

michael took this. tht was th bear & the flower.

this was th ferst aunty tht grab me in th ferst place. xD

met her twice.! again, yay!!

looks like she loves camwhore w me.! hha !! xD

DONE! im loving it! :D


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