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hello friends.
yes finally ive shppng fr raya.
& i love my baju raya of course.
its my fav.
to th core its seems hawt to me.
& tht cinderella shoe.
left w 3days w fasting mth..
get going.. hell yeah tyme flies so fast..
damn mon got exam..
& tues im gon meet my darla..
go study okehh!
not romance! time nt right..
im crapping away..

bdw, fr those who keep on asking my raya clothes what color..
imma reveal it since ure so exciting abt this..
its orange in color.
yeah orange.
nt those typical dark-dark orange..
i dunch noe hw to describe..
bt though th color seems nice..

& ystrday aft went bck hm,
was exhauted . so-so damn.
bt nvmynd..
went to help-help my dad paint those walls..
im just a extra babe ..
just help-help..
th rest was done by my dad & farridon.
in th end i slept arnd 5.30am..
then woke up at 1pm..

okeh. stop-stop till here.


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