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well, ive got more pics.. infact..

nwae, ferst day went to grndma hse..
reach abt 7+pm..
met sm relatives..
got sm food..
fun..play fool..
like owaes..w my dearest cussn, nisah..
she was so slppy..
her eyes r almost closing..
maybe iel just upload all th photo okehs..

princess ain ft queentisha.. haha

yes we both love cam-shots..

okeh..he was forced by me to take photo..xD

my uncle help us took th shot since we r strungling w it..


yey! selamat hari raya!

i love this..as if im hawt..xD

tht was so true..

yeah. i edited this..

photographer: nisah
model: queentisha

okeh.. this is insane..ferst day rayerr..

ft siblings.. (: yeah im th only GIRL :[

th superFUNjuniors -

actually still gt alot..
maybe when im fwee iel edit more okehs.


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