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days filled w boredom w/o him..
hw i wish i cud meet him daily..
smtymes, even though things arnd are bored to me..
hes th one tht make me laugh like mad lady..
serious talking..
in th end.. he'll find tht i really gt mind prblm.
nxt wk, 5nov gt mly olvl exam..
wished tht he cud come & fetch me..=x

had an average day..
well, maybe i shud appreciate much to my new friend,
i can say we know each other fr quite smtyme..
bt it bcame closer aft i've helped her on sm stuffs..
uhm.. moreover,
thanks fr writing smtg abt me at ur blog..
i didnt mean to praise myslf or whad..
bt thts my ability.
its th fact.
im good at comp stuffs.
ppl will nver blieve until they see w their own eyes.
well, but things im doing r nver fake one.

myra, thanks fr th featured & all.
treating me smtg will cost u..
whreby what im doing fr u doesnt even have a value.
but thanks lots though.

till here buddy.


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