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well, things are going like picture perfect..
but im just wondering..
what have u been doing when ure so busy..
friends said tht u doesnt bother abt me..
nt a gud bf fr me..
alot.. those -tive ones..
nt tht i dnt trust 'em..
cos they aint seeing me been toying arnd..
i can see tht..
& moreover..
they doesnt want me to be like a material..
but i still trust u..
yea i do. i gt commitment on u..
& like i said bfore..
no matter whad,
i cant break u up..
cos i gotta keep those promises...
if not, then whre's my 'ure gonna be with me till th end'
i know u doesnt spend tht much quality time w me..
i understand tht..
but im here..crying every night..
wondering whats taking up ur time..
why ure kinda diff frm all my ex..
im nt tryna compare u..
but im just stating th diff..
yea i still love u..
bt th worst part is tht,
im afraid to tell u things happening to me..
idk why..
i gt this kind of 'scared of u' feelings..
even picking up th fone & dial ur number is a big issue fr me..
cos 1st,
bfore i wanna call u..
this thing owaes pop up in my mind..
'r u busy?'..
seriously..its really hard fr me to express my feelings..
yea i know this is my real relationship..
but i also nid ur time too..
i even tried to find a place in ur time..
cos i feel awkward..
eventhough u gave me ntg..
but only one thang u owaes gave me.
tht is love.
u filled myslf w love..
yea love..
eventhough wea seldom together,
but u owaes gimme love wen u meet me..
tht makes me think u still love me..
i do miss ur voices too..
th moments we talked together otf fr hrs..
ur laughter..& almost everything..
but everytime wen i miss u..
all i can do is always look at ur picture..
every night..bfore i slp..
& when im bored,
and when th time ure busy,
all i did was listen to all th songs tht u gave me..
tht owaes makes me think of u..
its been 1wk since i didnt called u..
to be honest,
i wish to call u..
but i know u fr sure no tyme talk
so i guess i rather aint wasting ur time..
i got ntg more to say..
till here. cherriio.


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