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today fun.
last nite,
went to conference again w myra, raudhaa & farridon.
& i learnt smtg during tht conference.
credits to >>raudhaa. -88888888

well, then we planned to meet up ltr..
as in today..
so, i went out at 3..
then, go meet my bro at mcd..
we then go to sengkang mrt..
while w8-ting fr myra to reach,
farridon go walk2 first..
me, talking to kachyk otp.
thanks fr accompanying me otp jyeah!
then, mins ltr,
myra reached ardd..
we all then tapped out.
was searching fr a bus to go marine parade thre..
cos need meet raudhaa thre..
but then,
we dunno go whre ardd..
since we pass by th taxi stand,
farridon suddenly just flag fr one..
so in th cab,
i & myra..like owaes cammwhooring urh.
like insane ppl.

when reached at th marine parade library,
walked in.
then saw raudhaa.
honestly, she look sweeterr in reality than in photography.
jyeah! really..
then, had a chat w her..
so do myra..
we then took sm photo..
then walked to th bus-stop.

at th bus-stop,
we all crapping..
haahs. did took some photo too.
then, wen we broad th bus,
still camwhore also..
okeh. reached ardd at th place raudhaa wanna go..
she bought stuffs..
then she & farridon went to smwhre..
i & myra go smwhre fr awhile..
aft done,
we all meet back again..
then took bus go parkway..
stop awhile at th market arnd thre..
went to buy drinks.
haahs. gosshhh.
met smone new.
ahaks. kinda funny actually.
then, slack at smwhre near th parkway staircase thre..
talked2 fr awhile..
then sent raudhaa hm..
it took 3person just to send 1..
ahaks..whreby can just only farridon sent her hm..

then, i & myra go first..
wen to search fr a bus-stop..
but went to th wrong direction..
so, farridon & us went together..
aft tht,
reach at my hse bus-stop thre..
myra wants to go hm thru cab..
& damn.
th cab was soooo looonngg.

aft she took cab.
went hm.

edited by me. in th cab going marine parade.


in th bus wen going to raudhaa's place she wanna go.



only us.

sweet aite this couple!

sayy cheesseeee!

me & raudhaa. (:

ignore th person at th back. {/busybody-ing only!}

ah again, fishhcake!

spot th difference.

thts me & my best kiddos.

i edited this fr 'em.

this one too! :D


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